Protective Coating Bangladesh

A polyurethane coating is applied to buildings, bridges, Flyover primary & secondary containments, Still, MS sheet and other reinforced concrete structures surface in order to protect materials from corrosion, weathering, natural air & pollution ect.


Polyurethane coatings are made of polymers. This chemical bonding is very hard and strong, providing exceptional wear resistance. Polyurethane coatings  are more soft and ductile, so that the base material is allowed to stretch without destroying the coating.

Polyurethane coatings are used in many protective coating work. This coating also used in wood floors.This  type of polyurethane  coatings can be waterproof and have high abrasion resistance, they are an excellent choice for this application.

We provide international chemical for protective coating.

  1.      MasterProtect® 1812 (Formerly known as Masterseal SP120 PF)
  2.      Polyurathane coating
  3.      High build epoxy coating
  4.      Polyurea coating
  5.      Ucrete DP top Coat


ECOTECH protective coatings have been used to safeguard bridges, ETP, farm equipment, construction equipment, boats, trailers, Power plant, car park, and many more more. Our coatings are specialized, high-performance spray-on elastomeric coatings engineered for maximum durability and unlimited application.

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