PU Floor Dhaka, Bangladesh

PU Floor technology is the original polyurethane flooring solution that provides a powerful layer of protection concrete surfaces. PU   Industrial  Flooring stands out from the rest with a higher resin content that needs have no additional sealer coat. Epoxy and polyurethane (Polyurethanes) floors are used in industrial floors and commercial floor. There are some difference between  Epoxy and Polyurethane floor.

PU Floor Dhaka, Bangladesh

This floor is original polyurethane floor  are also sensitive to moisture, but the damage done by humidity will be far more limited. Otherwise at the time being working in environments the presence of humidity could be an issue, epoxy is always the much better choice. PU floor can be easily modified to extend or limit life, re-coat time as well as the total curing time.

  • Long-term time proven performance
  • Long-time durability
  • Skid inhibiting
  • High resistance
  • Maximum wear resistance
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Virtually seamless
  • No touch to harbor bacteria
  • Self-priming
  • Rapid cure/safe, fast installation/low downtime
  • Regulatory agency approved
  • Different in colors


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  • Uneven floors
  • Not suitable floor coverings (rugs, mats)
  • Wet floors
  • Trailing cables
  • Cluttered workspaces
  • Poor lighting in working place
  • Poor housekeeping practices in work

Epoxy  floor and polyurethanes have some different  in  chemical composition. For example polyurethanes are the normally choice in food industries that have exposure to lactic acids. The food processing companies that work in milk, dairy, cheese production choose polyurethanes because this floor are antibacterial.Industries ara where make sulfuric acids (like battery manufacturing etc) epoxy floors are much more resistant than polyurethanes.

  • It is designed as a seamless, monolithic floor overlay
  • It has a longer life-cycle than epoxy or acrylic top coats
  • Is durable, holds up to increased foot traffic and withstands impact from heavy equipment
  • It can handle thermal shock from frequent hot water cleanings
  • It repels bacterial growth
  • It is stain resistant
  • It withstands organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, salt and most common chemicals
  • It emits low odor
  • It goes on clear and is non-yellowing

PU Industrial Flooring