Epoxy Floor Price In Bangladesh

What Is Epoxy?

Epoxy is a liquid solution that is strong and long-lasting can be used instead of tiles floor, mosaic floor and existing concrete. This epoxy system combined hard plastic coating on your floor. Epoxy floor has different colors, hard, long-lasting, attractive from as usual floor.

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Epoxy floor protects concrete from moisture, stains, grease and cracks. Epoxy floor is waterproof that’s why it’s save our floor from moisture. Easy to clean and maintanence and cost of aplly less than other floor.


Epoxy Floor Price In Bangladesh


Epoxy floors normally used in commercial space like office, garage, industrial area.  Epoxy floor may be more focusing factor of commercial space because it attracts guest. This floor is attractive, glassy, bright compared with normal floor.

Epoxy floor more strong, durable, long-lasting then tiles floor, concrete floor, mosaic floor. Concrete floor made of only material but this floor need properly manufacture guideline.

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Epoxy Floor Price In Bangladesh ECOTECH EPOXY || Epoxy Floor Price In Bangladesh Epoxy flooring choice because:
It can resist stains and is easy to clean. The professional finish covers a myriad of imperfections in the existing floor. It works on nearly any existing concrete foundation. The finish comes in various colors. You can get an antiskid finish to make the floor safer when it’s wet. As a reminder to our customers, we would like to remind you all that all our products and services can be purchased with the help of our website.

Here is our color chart

Epoxy Floor Price In Bangladesh




Epoxy SLE 1mm (1.5$) Per SFT
Epoxy SLE 2mm (2$) Per SFT
Epoxy SLE 3mm (2.5$) Per SFT
Epoxy Waterproofing (3$) Per SFT