ECOTECH || Best 3D Floor Service Provider Bangladesh

ECOTECH || Best 3D Floor Service Provider Bangladesh . Interior design doesn’t always have to be something you just can’t wait to be done with. If you’re decorating your new home or you’ve decided to redecorate a place where you live – stop for a second and consider this amazing black epoxy metallic floor.

      ECOTECH || Best 3D Floor Service Provider Bangladesh        ECOTECH EPOXY || 3D Floor Bangladesh

ECOTECH EPOXY || 3D Floor Bangladesh 3D epoxy floor is three-dimensional look, and brushed structure makes it fantastically unique in a uninformed “cookie-cutter” market today. 3D floor design depends on your customer’s and preferences, we’re ensure we  can include it in at least one room in your house and make it reflect your personality even better than before.

The  top coat with mirrored effect make for a fantastic home workspace coatings product. This brushed black floor will look fantastic in any home office or other small workspaces with modern interior and furniture.3D floor can do on the wooden surfaces.We provide excellent service of floor.So you can depend on our service.

The shiny reflection gives a glamor that will increase the professional in workspace for that we can get standard floor paint.

ECOTECH EPOXY || 3D Floor Bangladesh. 3D epoxy floor most popular for their durability so they’re suitable for heavy use – like in garage workshops, for example. The installation  process  is very quick and the cleaning is extremely easy. Othe benefit are no hidden places for the dirt to get into and give you troubles while cleaning; this floor can be clean with minimal effort for this floor epoxy.

      • Stairs, corridors, playgrounds;
      • Car showrooms, garages, parking lots;
      • Hotels;
      • Bars, clubs, cafes and restaurants;
      • Schools, kindergartens and institutions;
      • Public and administrative buildings;
      • Shopping malls,  shops, boutiques, offices.

      1. Test the slab for moisture and vapor emissions. Moisture can cause adhesive failures, promote mold, mildew growth and result in curling or bubbling.
      2. Fully prepare the substrate surface. Use diamond grinding tools or sanding tools to prep the entire concrete floor. Auto scrub and vacuum the floor to completely clean the surface. There shouldn’t be even the tiniest dust.
      3. Check the humidity. Apply the self-leveling epoxy primer.
      4. Install the 3D floor mural.